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If you follow closely the world of digital marketing, you have probably heard of the new release of Google Analytics 360 Suite. For you who are not as up to date, but not to stay late in their marketing strategy, we made an analysis of this new tool.

Learn how it can and should help webmasters organize your digital business and especially to understand the actual return of each of your marketing, SEO, social networks or paid media.

What is Google Analytics 360 Suite?


The new Google tool is actually a set of six different tools, some of them already known in the digital market, others are new on the market (four of them), which promises to revolutionize the way companies assess and evaluate their investments in campaigns on and off.

As Google itself describes, Google Analytics 360 Suite is a “corporative solution to a multi-screen world“, which makes direct reference to one of the tool’s features, integrating mobile.

See below for more information about the tools that make up the 360 Suite.

Analytics 360

Analytics 360 Premium

This tool is the evolution Analytics Premium, which has a new name and some new visions analysis. It brings together a variety of information in one place, which enables a deeper understanding of the market and the public of a brand or product, without leaving aside the understanding of the user experience.

With it, Google wants the webmaster can better understand the behavior of a site or application users, and performance of a product, service or content.

As GA Premium 360 also processes a much greater amount of information by preventing an analysis is based on sampling results.

Google promises tight integration with AdWords, DoubleClick Manager, AdSense, AdMob and some other advertising tools. The idea is to use the own perception of the customer to drive marketing performance.

Tag Manager 360

Tag Manager 360

Here we do not have many changes, yet, unless the most clean and modern look.

For those not familiar, Google Tag Manager enables the implementation of tags and other resources in a much more practical way. Nothing to be changing HTML in hand. With the GTM you implement your remarketing tag or prórpio Analytics much more quickly and efficiently.

Optimize 360 (beta)

Optimize 360 (beta)

A test tool A / B with the face of Google Analytics. So we can summarize the features of Optimize 360.

The goal here is to observe ideas and analysis provided by Google Analytics 360 in practical actions to your site. In short, you first understand where they are and what are the points to be improved, then use Optimize to create variations of your page to verify the impact of these improvements.

This tool has an interface to create changes of content or layout easily, and enable the final implementation of the winning page in a few clicks.

Attribution 360

Attribution 360

Attribution 360 is the new name of an ancient tool, Adometry, bought by Google in 2014.

The Attribution brings together on one platform all the information about media on and off. The purpose of the tool is to provide a simplified view of all key metrics of your business, regardless of the media used in the campaign.

It has a bid management panel that runs integrated with Analytics 360, which allows the function of automatic bids already known in Adwords is improved with more detailed information on the behavior of potential users.

One of the most impressive features is the Offline Conversion Connector, a tool that enables the measurement of the value of each of the channels used in a digital marketing strategy. You can more fully understand the return on your email marketing actions, affiliate, SEO or social networks.

Audience Center 360

Audience Center 360

No use a giant set of information without understanding them. That’s what the 360 Audience Center was created: to enable all decisions are made based on thorough understanding of the segment and the target audience, without neglecting the usability and navigation.

In this platform, the webmaster can synchronize your AdWords and DoubleClick accounts, as well as some other third tools. This allows to go to where the user is actually increasing campaign performance and, consequently, the ROI achieved.

Data Studio 360

Data Studio 360

If the Audience Center summarizes indulges a clearer understanding of all your business data, would lack a tool to deliver this information in simple reports. This is due to the Data Studio 360.

This tool transforms a range of data in the clearest views, allowing the webmaster find the answers the most important questions in a single view. With it, you can create charts, tables and custom dashboards to view your business needs.

Our vision of Suite 360

Some may find the 360 Suite package is a Google marketing ploy to combat the growth of Adobe’s monitoring tool. And we think that there is some truth to that, but we can not help thinking that the real goal is something much bigger.

In our view, Analytics 360 has to prove that the evolution of the digital market has come in such importance that the analysis made in the traditional way are not enough to ensure their online growth.

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