How to Find Out Which Plugins a WordPress Blog is Using

Find Out What Plugins a WordPress Blog is Using

Everyone knows that there is a huge number of plugins for WordPress on the internet and every day a new one is released.

I love testing new plugins, especially being used on websites of people that I usually follow.

Whenever I see a new and different feature, I’m trying to find out what the name of the plugin being used.

There are several ways to find the name of some of the plugins that a blog on WordPress uses, but I guarantee that it is almost impossible to get a complete list, unless the /plugins is publicly available or you have the data to FTP via connection said blog.

If you want to find out the name of the main plugins your favorite blog uses, in this article I will teach you 3 ways to do this easily.

3 Ways to Find the name of plugins for WordPress used in a blog

#1. Identify plugins for WordPress using the site WPThemeDetector

The WPThemeDetector site it is more complete tool I use to not only find out the name of plugins for WordPress, but also the theme name that particular blog uses.

I did a test with generating results for accuracy. Here are the results:


Discover The Name Of Plugins Used In WordPress Blog

Of the 23 plugins that Generate Results currently uses the WPThemeDetector was able to detect nearly half of them. See the list below:

#2. Find the plugins doing a search on Google

This is a method that little use since it does not work on all blogs on existing WordPress, especially the most famous using security settings that prevent visibility.

For other blogs that have not blocked access to the /wp-content, you can do a search on google to find plugins that use.

Simply do a search as follows: site: (replace any other you like).

If the plugins for your blog to be visible and want to remove them from the searches, you can log in to your Google Webmaster tool account and remove the wp-content folder /plugins/.

Make sure that the folder is blocked by robots.txt.

Remember that this method does not work most of the time, but still is a feature that may be available.

#3. Check the page source

In my opinion this is the easiest method, effective and also my favorite, since it always works.

Just open the source code of the page (click the right mouse button on any static part and then select View Source page) and look for a line of code containing /plugins.

Below you will see which plugins page is using:

Check the page source

Through this method you can find the name of most of the plugins used on any website using the WordPress platform.

I usually do this whenever I see something new and desire to test.

I hope this short tutorial will help you find the plugins you are looking for.

If you know some other method, please share in the comments field.

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