How to make money with advertising on the blog


How To Make Money With Advertising On The Blog Even Early

If you want to know how to make money with advertising on a blog, you know that’s the most common question for those who are thinking of creating a blog, or who arrived at that time decided it’s time to do the blog generate some revenue this article will surely give you good options.

When you create a quality blog and become a reference in a particular subject, it is natural that brands want to announce it and enjoy your targeting. This has a huge potential for generating income for you, provided you know enjoy.

If you do not know how to make money with advertising on the blog, to make this more clear way, we decided to address in this article, some points we discussed in our AdSense Course on monetizing a blog.

Getting Started to Make Money from Advertising on the Blog

Do you know why many people can not make money from advertising on their blogs? Simple lack of professionalism. It is true that you can earn a lot of money with a blog, but for that he needs to face this activity professionally.

Use a professional template, as you can get in Theme Forest and develop quality content to your readers. Also dominate WordPress, the platform most used by bloggers and successful bloggers in order to extract from it the maximum of their potential.

Affiliate Programs

The most common way to make money from advertising on the blog is through affiliate program. Through them you can run advertising campaigns such as banner ads or even links on your blog and earn good money from it.

While it may seem simple, this form of site monetization has some tricks so you can actually turn into a stable and lasting source of income. First, you must know very well choose the affiliate program that you will use.

Another trick in this area is how to properly distribute the ads by blog. The placement of the ads has a great influence on its profitability, therefore, do more and more tests to determine the most profitable positions.

Direct Sale of Advertising Space

Another option to make money from advertising on the blog is through direct marketing spaces for ads on your site. This is a strategy we advise you implement later when your blog is already enjoying a good reputation in the market and with a good level of access.

This recommendation is to prevent you from markets its advertising space for a very low value, which will not reflect the communication potential of your blog. This is especially true at the beginning of the blog. Do not rush, let the project mature.


Another way to make money from advertising on the blog is from advertorials, materials produced by companies who pay for it to be published on his blog. This monetization strategy only makes sense if your site already has a good audience because what brands seek is exposure to the public that you created.

To generate enough traffic to be able to deploy this type of monetization on your blog, the best way is to invest heavily in the production of relevant content and the use of good practices of SEO – search engine optimization, to put your featured site in the answers page the major search engines.

E-mail Marketing

Another way to make money from advertising on the blog is with your email list. Many brands may be interested in renting your list of e-mails to an audience targeted by the theme of your blog.

The care that you need to have to resort to this monetization option on your blog is to create a soft-optin mechanism in the signature of your newsletter so that people agree to receive emails from its trading partners, otherwise, It will be featured spam.

Social Networks

A blog with good hearing can be the first step to a strong presence on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, opening another option for monetizing the blog. In fashion and accessories this is a widely used and highly profitable strategy.

So if you have a blog, or are thinking about riding one, do not forget to promote it on social networks, both to increase the range of its publications, and to create a legion of followers and fans that enables the implementation of this strategy .

Now that you know How to make money with advertising on the blog, what do you think of reviewing its structure and start making your blog to turn into a real factory to make money? Count on us! Keep up to date by subscribing to our Newsletter.

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