Search Engine Optimization Techniques For Your Blog

Search Engine Optimization Techniques That Help Me

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the hardest task in digital marketing and many prefer to invest in campaigns, lists, capture pages and etc, than to create quality content optimized to bring organic traffic to your business. I confess I thought the same way, only this thinking requires financial investment and is also an area that you can miss a lot and lose a lot of money without selling anything. This task is arduous for some for two reasons, you need to write well, showing that it has authority on a subject and the second is to fully understand the search engine optimization techniques to optimize your article.

What The Search Engine Optimization Techniques That Help Me?

They will help you bring qualified organic traffic to your site when the SEO techniques are well applied. then let’s see what can best on your website:

  • Increasing visitation site
  • Increase your conversions
  • recurring and free traffic to your blog
  • Increase in Domain Authority
  • Increased Page Authority
  • Increased PageRank
  • Sustainable growth of your business

The possibilities are many, but let’s leave “blah blah blah” and go straight to what interests. The killer search engine optimization tips for your website.

1 SEO Plugin

Before you begin any blog or site optimization, we need to install an SEO plugin to assist us in optimizing articles.

As I always using WordPress on all my projects, if you are starting in digital marketing I strongly recommend that you use too, because wordpress is the best CMS tool, open source to manage website content, blog, etc.

In this case, I recommend the WordPress SEO (by Yoast) to do this task.

2. Long Tail Keyword

The Long Tail Keyword should be seen as the most important point in search engine optimization techniques to optimize your article and it should also be seen by you as the icing on the cake of all items in your blog.

To find keyword basically use the Keywords Planner – Google Adwords.

3 – SEO Friendly URL

SEO Friendly URL is crucial for indexing search engine and it must be the keyword. Let’s look at an example in the image below:

SEO Friendly URL

For this you need to configure your WordPress Settings>Permalinks and marks the “Post name” option as below:

SEO Friendly URL is crucial for indexing search engine

4 – Short URL

Today’s trend shorten urls. But how to do this without taking the keyword URL? Simple, usually people use the Custom structure /%category%/%postname%/ configuration of permalinks.

In the above topic we see that I do not use the category name in the post url, that if I used the setup /%category%/%postname%/ my url would be “

5 – Original Content

A good content makes all the difference. Lately Google robor updates has increasingly focused on the relevance of the content.

Lets say google system is becoming more humanized and disqualifying the lot of pages that repeat the keyword, in the same domain has multiple pages with the same keyword, sites that blackhat and etc.

My tip: Create unique and original articles, using these search engine optimization techniques to optimize your blog.

6 – Internal Optimization

Basically we will make the image below, which deals with “OnPage SEO” setting in your article.

Internal Optimization of article

Keyword in Title

The most important rule of SEO internal optimization is the title. Remember not to confuse the page title that appears on the tab of your browser with the title H1.

Usually people leave the page title and the same H1 title, the more this is not a rule. For example you can use the page title “Search Engine Optimization Techniques” and H1 of your “6 Killer SEO tips to optimize your Blog“. See the article I talk about how to choose and optimize keywords for search engines.

Important to remember that the title of the page is in html <title> tag is what appears in blue in the search result. Then you can change the title of the post in Title SEO field WordPress plugin image above.

Bottom line: Whether the titles are the same or different, the keyword must be in both. Also do not forget that the article needs at least one H2 (Heading 2) with the keyword, preferably at the beginning of the sentence.

Keyword Description

The Meta-description of the plugin must contain a maximum of 156 characters and remembering not to forget your keyword.

Be creative in describing, it is that appears in gray below the URL in a search result, it is also a decisive factor when the user clicks on your link or not. A good description always increase your CTR rate or whatever you want to call, your click rate.

Keyword in the URL

This plugin is pretty cool, it shows if the keyword is in the URL. So do not forget to put it.

Tip: Always try to let your keyword at the beginning of the URL

Keyword in Images

Many people ignore the “alt” tag of images to optimize your blog is very important. Remember that if the browser for some reason does not display your image, the information contained in the alt tag is to be displayed.

Complete the tag “alternate text” for SEO optimization

Tip: The alt tag make keyword variation with another semantic way. Example: seo tips, search engine optimization techniques, seo ideas, seo suggestion for seo blog, seo optimization, etc.

Keyword in Content

Many claim to repeat your keyword several times, put in bold, etc., increases the likelihood of you getting well positioned in the search.

This no longer works, your keyword should be used in the content of the text naturally and semantics, and yet you can leave it separated within the text that google also recognizes, for example: seo tips, tips for seo optimization blog, search engine optimization.

Tip: The plugin will sometimes say that the word density is low, the more it is relative. Be as natural as possible in creating your content and make good use of the opportunities to enter your keyword.

One Keyword Per Article

Never create various article to index the same keyword. Always vary the long tails such as: how to lose weight, how to lose weight fast, how to lose weight without gym.

Even though there appears to be repeated, are different keywords that help complementary to the other.

Internal Links

Do not forget to link your article to other articles from your blog, giving the player the ability to navigate through your site, and you exchange relevant page of authority among you.

Conclusion Of Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Well, I tried to summarize the most of seo tips to get you started in the right way to optimize your blog. Of course this is not everything, SEO techniques have several as Link building, SEO Offpage, Backlinks and etc. Now what I am spent “north” you need to start to write good optimized articles.

See also the article I talk about Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

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