8 SEO Tactics That Will No Longer Work For You

8 SEO Tactics That Simply Does Not Work More

Yes, 2016 has just begun and ONLY is becoming increasingly complicated for digital entrepreneurs.

With the constant Panda and Penguin updates that have occurred over the past few years, much that was essential for a good ranking is gradually losing its effect.

This volatility requires that we be updating us and constantly adapting to infringe not any guidelines that may be implemented.

In this article I’ll show you some tactics that, although work before, you should not be using more, since they simply do not work anymore.

More Links = Better Placement

No doubt, the amount of (those links leading to your site from another page) is a very important ranking factor.
According to the Search Metrics, is in the top 5 of the most important, but nowadays it is necessary to build links in a different way as you did before.

From, which was released in most of 2013, everything changed. Nowadays it is more important to focus on quality of links you are getting than quantity. Sometimes less can be more.

Short Content

A study by Moz shows that the pages that usually appear on the first page of Google have 2,000 words or more.

Focus Only On Links And Content

Every site you visit on SEO, almost always only talk about backlinks and the quality of content. It seems that optimizing a website it is these two things.

As you can see, the most important factors for the ranking of a site being social interactions.

Thus, an increasingly site has become popular becomes better positioning and, therefore, the number of visits.

Needless to say that social networks are one of the best ways to share your content with people who are interested in what you are writing

Create More Pages To Increase Traffic

There was a myth that more pages would generate more traffic and hence better placement in search engines.

As the number of backlinks is not more important factor, the number of pages either. Again, make sure you focus on quality and not quantity.

From 2012, it is becoming increasingly better to detect “bad” content.

Today, if you have a low quality content or even not original, you can get your site penalized. Thus always focus on creating authentic articles that are useful to your readers.

Do Guest Blogging Everywhere

Not long to write high or low quality content was irrelevant, that way people loved performing guest blogging whenever the opportunity appeared.

As well as link building, this practice now has an emphasis on quality.

Guest Blogging is to write content for websites or blogs of others, with the goal of becoming known for third-party audience and build backlinks.

Today is much more important to write a few articles for people whose sites have enough relevance and authority.

Guest Blogging on a small scale can be beneficial when done properly and ethically.

Fill The Title Keywords

It is the term used for the act of fill a page with a high volume of keywords.

Keyword stuffing is 100% against, and can do more harm than good.

Every year that passes Google’s algorithm becomes more advanced, making it more likely to get your site penalized.

I had the impression that everyone knew that this was very harmful, but found there.

If you are trying to attract the attention of your page full of keywords titles, I suggest you stop.

Do Not Waste Time Including Images

For a long time it was all right to leave next to images on your pages and still rank them, but now On-page SEO day is more important than ever, just forget to include images can prevent your site is the best he may be.

Obviously Google’s crawlers can not understand what they are about images, so it’s important to give them a name and an alternative text appropriate to ensure that Google knows about what they deal with and thus boost the relevance of the page ..

Signup In Different Directories

In April 2012, Google released the first update of the Penguin directed to sites with absurd numbers of external links and since then has become increasingly sophisticated.

It is important to be aware that receive hundreds of low quality links from various directories is not well seen in the SEO context and can be considered spam.

I’m not saying in any way that you should not use them. In fact, you can find directories related to your niche and high authority and in them you should focus on.

If you are using some of that SEO tactics, it’s time to find a better strategy.

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