5 Effective SEO Tips to Drive Tons of Traffic to your Blog


Traffic is the lifeblood for any profitable website. Unfortunately most beginners do not know how to optimize your web pages for search engines. And they do not see any growth in traffic on their websites.

Organic traffic can grow your efforts on something authoritarian, bigger and often profitable. But what SEO tactics you should use? Where you really get?

Let’s take a look at some effective SEO tips to increase your overall search traffic.



Search engines, social media sites, blogs or forums where you promote your posts, the titles are the first thing most people see. If they are not convincing, no one will click! It’s that simple. 8 out of 10 people read the title before clicking on your links.

You need to spend time in preparing its main title, it is the biggest highlight. Here are some effective tips to help you write great titles.

  • Find a list of top blogs in your niche. Check out the titles of your popular posts. Analyze them (are they list the messages, such as tabs or a combination of both). Note the pattern and adjust their titles according to them.
  • Include a number in their titles (list messages are green, most people prefer online click on the list of publications).
  • Use powerful adjectives in securities.

Important Note: Make sure to use SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast, and use your primary keywords in your headlines and meta description to bring more visitors from search engines.


Did you know that by conducting an SEO audit of your websites you can double or even triple your search traffic?

SEO is the audit process to know how your site performs in search results. Here are some important factors to play while performing an SEO audit to their websites to drive more organic traffic.

  • Make sure your site is optimized for mobile and search engine friendly
  • Optimize your website load time
  • Improve your SEO on-page factors
  • Optimize images from your blog
  • Optimize your URL structure
  • Make sure you have an XML Sitemap for on your blog
  • Find and fix broken links
  • Make sure no-index in their tags and categories in the Google search results

Once you know your site is appearing in Google perfectly, the site performs well and you will attract more visitors from search engines.


Find the least competitive keywords is the simplest way to drive traffic to your blog from search results.

Analyze all the keywords that your competitors are using. You do not have to use the exact similar keywords to bring traffic to their websites, but make a list of keyword ideas that are really profitable.

You can use tools like Moz, SEMRush and kwfinder etc. to find the most profitable keywords your competitors are using to increase traffic. You can also use the same tools to find out how many backlinks they have to rank higher in search results.


Did you know that 40% of people abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load?

You can use the Google analysis tool to discover the performance of your site. You can also use the Pingdom tool to analyze your loading your blog times. Here are some effective ways to speed up your WordPress blog.

Use less plugins: Less plugins means less use of resources. This means that your site loads much faster than the local speed mostly depends on the plugins you use. Avoid using heavy load plugins.

Use a better hosting service: The web hosting you use affects your site load time. Avoid using cheap WordPress hosting services if you really are serious about making money online.

Install a caching plugin: Clear the cache every time you install / disable a plugin, you will save a lot of space on your hosting service. This improves your website load time and overall performance. Install caching plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP-fastest-Cache and WP-super-cache clear the cache of your site.

Note: Do not play with CSS files on their sites envite adjust your project unless you know about – encoding. Most beginners affect your site loading time by changing your CSS files randomly.


If you are not optimizing your blog posts or web pages for search engines, you’re not going to drive traffic to your blog from search engines. lose a lot of organic traffic from search engines.

The key to increase your organic traffic is to write content rich keywords that are perfectly optimized for both readers and search engines. Use your primary keywords in your titles, meta description, images and links.

Conducting keyword research is not a simple thing, you need tools to find one that will bring you results, here are some simple tips to do it right.

  • Use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Market Samurai to find keyword suggestions.
  • Select the keywords that have low competition you will have more chances of getting high rankings.
  • Focus on using long tail keyword, eg “SEO Tips for Beginners” instead of using the keywords short as “SEO”. Using the short tail keywords are often competitive, and if you have a new website, it is literally impossible to bring traffic from search engines. So always focus on search keyword long tail.

Once you’re done with the search keyword, write long and detailed articles. And use your keywords throughout your pages to get more visibility from search engines.

Also make sure to create links to the pages you want to rank. You can use methods such as exchange links with influential bloggers, blog comments, dissemination etc to build quality links to your sites. Backlinks are the backbone of any successful site pulling massive traffic from search engines.

In a nutshell: Getting search engine traffic takes time and serious efforts. Avoid focusing on quick results rather spend your time in building natural links that improve the long-term traffic. If you have a proper SEO strategy, writing valuable content, you bring more traffic and quality links from other sites.

You have more SEO tips to increase search engine traffic? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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