SEO: What are Backlinks

What Are Backlinks

I realize that the term Backlink is sometimes used in the wrong way on the internet. By the way, you know what a backlink?

I decided to make this short article just explaining what Backlinks are, External Links, Internal Links, Inbound Links and Outbound Links in addition to the difference between a Link Dofollow and Nofollow.

The term External Link (External Link) does not really mean anything.

It can be a link from my domain to your or vice versa, but in most cases, people working with search engine optimization, consider External Links the same as Backlinks

Note: While all the SEO community to use the terms in English, in this article I write them in English to become familiar with the terms.

Say you have a Site A, with domain and a friend of his has a Site B, with the domain

What is Backlink?

Is any link that points to a page within the site A. These links can come from other sites or from within your own site.

Inbound Link (Input Link)

Is Any link from site B that point to your site (A). Some people also call it the “external link”, but as I said earlier, there is no longer correct.

It is as if the Inbound Links were a subset of Backlinks.

Outbound Link (Exit Link)

Any website link that points A to site B is an output link (Outbound Link).

Internal Link

Is Any site link A to point to the very site A.

Most of the internal links are actually navigation links.

If you do not use them on your site, I recommend a lot to do.

Nofollow Links

Any link in the above categories can – if the Webmaster want – be transformed into a nofollow link.

In this case, Google sees little or no value in it for SEO purposes.

The nofollow links have the attribute rel = “nofollow” in your code.

Dofollow Links

Any link that does not have the nofollow attribute – either intentionally or accidentally – is considered a┬ádofollow link.

These have a direct impact and often positive in your Google rankings, even if the Internal Links.

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