3 Tips to Eliminate Duplicate Content on WordPress Blog

Tips to Eliminate Duplicate Content on WordPress

WordPress is one of the best content management tools, and is widely used by millions of users worldwide.

However, despite the excellent platform in many respects, the WP also has some errors that are not repaired, can bring a big problem for its users. It’s not exactly an error, but did not know how to use tags and categories, for example, can create duplicate content and when this happens, increase the chances of your blog lose relevance in Google and to be punished, being removed from the search results of your Search Engine.

What is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content is all text (or text block) or meta-tags that appear in more than one page, being played repeatedly within a domain or outside it. In WordPress, you can generate duplicate content in different ways, and most of them you do not even know that is hurting your site using a variety of tags and categories to tax the same content. Then, when we consult the SEO and WordPress tag, for example, we can see that these two tags, the article “How to Best SEO in WordPress” appears, generating duplicate content.

Of course, “small doses” of this error can be seen as natural in Google’s eyes, but to have this pattern on your website on a large scale can be extremely detrimental to the health of your business.

Check out the following 3 tips to eliminate duplicate content on your WordPress site and get rid of once and for all this evil.

1 – Use Robots.txt

This tool is very useful to block access of the robots Google and other search engines, preventing search engines from indexing certain parts of your site. Edit your robots.txt and add the following code:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /cgi-bin

Disallow: /wp-admin

Disallow: /wp-includes

Disallow: /wp-content/plugins

Disallow: /wp-content/cache

Disallow: /wp-content/themes

Disallow: /trackback

Disallow: /feed

Disallow: /comments

Disallow: /category/*/*

Disallow: */trackback

Disallow: */feed

Disallow: */comments

Disallow: /*?*

Disallow: /*?

Allow: /wp-content/uploads

So you block these parties to be indexed by Google, thus avoiding possible duplicate content.

2 – Use the WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin

One of the best plugins for WordPress SEO by Yoast is a plugin where you can have total control over what should be or not indexed by Google. Here, disable the paginated pages, the author page and any other page that can generate duplicate content. I personally always add the “NoIndex” rule for specific tags and categories, which I know has few articles. Explore the options.

3 – Add Individual Descriptions for allĀ PostĀ (and the tags / categories)

A great way to avoid duplicate content, especially in the category and tag pages, enter a description of the page itself, and add a short summary of what it is about that subject. Thus, the page will display a unique and diverse content, and better for the structure of your site and hence for navigation users.

With these 3 tips you can delete all the duplicate content of your blog and let you 100%. If you have suffered any punishment because of this error, enter the Google Webmaster and request reconsideration of your site. Of course, when it is already fixed.

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