Best WordPress Ping List 2016 – For Faster Indexing Of New Post


WordPress 2016 ping list to help your posts to be indexed quickly in search engines like Google. I’m sure everyone who writes an article for blog would like to see the article to be indexed and ranked as quickly as possible.

These ping services can help us achieve this with a huge extension. Every time we update our blog, these pinging services will inform the server about it and get indexed item quickly bringing more traffic to your blog.

By WordPress default notify some great pinging services, here is an updated list of ping services that you can use to extend the limit of services for your blog if you already have some checks the list below and if you did not even add on your blog.

Now the question is: “Why should you use a ping list?

Even if you do not use a ping list, but produce quality content regularly and share it on social media sites using social media plugins search engine like Bing will become aware of your post and index it. However, the process will certainly take more time as well.

If you use ping services, it will constantly send signals that your blog has been updated with new content and will help the office to get indexed fast.


If you are thinking that the process of adding this ping list is something really complicated and is only for professional users, it is not.

WordPress provides you default position to place the ping list and makes it very easy for users to take advantage of this service. You can simply copy and paste the list of excel to the position mentioned below.

Now to add the ping list to your blog follows the steps below:

Come to your WordPress admin panel and go to Settings >> Writing and a little scroll down and you will see a white box with the standard ping service, now just paste the list you have in that box and save the changes.

Best WordPress Ping List 2016

Here is your list of WordPress ping updated to 2016 #PingWordPress

I hope this list can help you.

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